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Ea d20 D&D 3.5 Tolkien RPG Magic in Middle-earth significant updates Revision 20110522e

by admin published May 25, 2011 11:45 AM, last modified Sep 07, 2015 09:39 PM
It has been a bit of a long hiatus, but a fair bit of progress has been made. I finally managed to upload some pieces that I updated a while ago, and added some other tweaks recently. They are all now on the website in the Documents section ready for download and feedback in the forum...

Just an FYI for those who might not have known, there are TWO separate 
email lists for Ea RPGS. One is for the d20 rules, and the other is for 
the Ea RPG System rules. Many people are on the d20 list, and only a 
handful currently on the Ea RPG System list. Last week I had the first 
play testing session of the Ea RPG Basic System, and made many updates 

If you wish to be on the other list as well,  either ask me to add your 
email to that list, or send a blank email to:

Look for the confirmation email and reply to it.

Then you should get a "welcome to the list" email.

On the Ea d20 books, I did some more clean up on the Races & Cultures 
text. I need help from folks to get this tome to the final stage though.

Where the more significant update for Ea d20 is the Magic In Middle-
earth tome. It has been significantly cleaned up to be easier to 
understand the various formulae for casting, difficulty checks for 
casting, casting failure, fortitude spell cast check failure, etc. I 
added some tables, plenty of additional text, explanations, and 

I also integrated some of the documents that used to be  separate files 
into the single "Magic in Middle-earth" Ea d20 rulebook.

Additionally, I more clearly defined the "required" core rules for 
magic, and the listed all the others that are purely optional for DMs 
and players to decide if they want to use or not.

I am debating whether to make the whole Spell Points thing optional as 
well. Feedback appreciated.

Please check them out, and provide feedback, especially any play testing 

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