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Status Update on Ea d20 Versions 0 Through 5

by admin published Dec 05, 2013 10:50 AM, last modified Sep 07, 2015 10:29 PM
Greetings everyone, just wanted to provide a quick update on the various Ea d20 projects....

Eä d20 3.x

Most of this year I have been running a full, regular weekly group using Ea 
d20 3.5.
Many, many, revisions were made. Some were posted earlier this year, but I 
have a plethora more to integrate and publish.

Eä d20 4th Edition

Still no one asking for this, so very little has been done to date.
I welcome anyone wanting to help pick this up. I can't even find anyone (adult) 
that even wants to play D&D 4 in general here.

Eä d20 5th Edition

Waiting for the official release. I was following the various D&D Next releases, 
though never actually had a chance to playtest it. I do have the last release 
downloaded, and maybe I can talk some people into playtesting it to get more 
of an idea about it.

Eä d20 Original D&D ("White Books")

I acquired the reprint of the Original D&D special boxed set last month.
You can see my youtube reviews and information on that here:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 -

I plan to make an Ea adaptation of this at some point. Anyone interested in 
helping with this?


Only a rough outline begun.

2 phases to this, the most basic, only including the rules from books I, II, & III, and a more comprehensive versions that includes the rest of the booklets.

Eä d20 AD&D 1st Edition

This was the original efforts I made back in the 80's to adapt D&D to Middle-
earth before I discovered MERP. I have come full circle in recent years. I 
have created and updated a few documents for this, but still need to clean 
them up before uploading the first drafts to the website.
I have a lot on my TODO list during this month (still TolkienMoot videos to 
edit and upload, Middle-earth Radio updates, RPG Research backlog, and much 
more), but this is on my list to try to accomplish this month.
As per one supporters question, the goal is to fit the style of AD&D 1st, not 
3.x. Though use the additional rules like AD&D 1st Unearthed Arcana 
(Comeliness), and other optional rules that I feel enhance the game to be more 
I'm wary about including the Dungeers and Outdoor Survival Guides, at least in
the core release, but will leave optional sections to include those at a later 

Eä d20 AD&D 2nd Edition

This had a little progress earlier this year, but I have been putting more 
energy into the 1st edition version first. Welcome anyone to help, otherwise 
hope to get something out there next year, some time.




d20 Basic D&D ("Red Box" 1983)

Only a rough outline begun.

This begins at first with only the red box Basic rules, then add to with Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortals Rules.

Many thanks to everyone that has helped, the play testers, and great support, 
links, and suggestions. Please do keep them coming!



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