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Version "y" of Magic in Middle-earth d20 3.5 Now Available

by admin published May 22, 2013 01:50 AM, last modified Sep 07, 2015 10:14 PM
In addition to hundreds of other changes in the previous 6 versions I put out this week, here are some other refinements (besides now having all PH spells listed from A through G)...


I just finished incorporating the edits written in the physical copy of

version "x" by todays play testers, into a new version "y".

You can download this latest version here:


I fixed the broken Bard level examples. I removed the confusing reference to Arcane and Divine that was pointed out in the Nature magic section.


I added the caveat that 0 level spells only have a base 0 or 1 broadcast, no matter what level the spell caster.


I added the option to take minutes to cast a spell, that normally takes one round or less to cast, to reduce the broadcast. If a 3rd level spell is being cast by a 13th level caster, this would normally be a base broadcast of 16!


However, if the spell caster spent 13 minutes to cast the spell (instead of a round or less), then the base broadcast would be only 3 (times alignment and location modifiers). It also lists various options to reduce the risks of being detected (casting at least 20' underground, casting within a fortress/building designed to suppress broadcast (a la Dol Guldur or Isengard).


Should I be making these, and some other broadcast reduction option savailable as Feats?


Or just generally available for any spell caster?


Should any spell caster at any level be able to take this slower casting to reduce broadcast option?


Or should it be achievable at a certain level?


Should we create a spell, or suite of spells related to trying to reduce broadcast (though never completely)?


Look through the phrasing and such.


I look forward to everyone's added feedback on everything.







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