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New Release of Eä Tolkien RPG Basic Rules Players Manual and Character Sheet

by admin published Aug 01, 2011 03:25 AM, last modified Sep 07, 2015 09:52 PM
The Eä Role Playing Game System Basic Ruels, is a basic system for Tolkien RPG - Tolkien Role Playing Gaming in Middle-earth and beyond. All the notes and changes from the latest game testing have now been merged into the latest version of the Character Sheet and the Player's Guide. Changes are still being made to the GM's manual. The latest Players Manual and Character Sheet are now available for download.

Character Sheet:

Added field for Gender/Sex

Added field damage reduction (if wearing armor)

removed redundant "other details" field.

Added basic set of equipment in "other belongings" section, since every character will stat out with that. This may or may not be kept in future revisions, but was suggested by players, we will see how that pans out.

Moved around sizes and positions of Posessions boxes.


Player's Manual

Numerous grammatical, layout, and redundancy fixes made.

Numerous clarifications of text made, to more clearly explain the system.

Moved around the order of character creation, and reduced by 2 steps to simplify, now only 8 steps instead of 10.

Added Equipment list, a shorter version than what is in the GM's guide, but equipment that most players would want to have information on, especially weapons, armor, rations, clothing, etc. Added details for the equipment, pricing (first round, needs feedback and testing to see if prices work), weapon damage, ranges, armor with damage absorption ratings.

Added Homelands information and basic lists for each race to either choose from or roll.

Clarified that can use Song of Arda (rolling) or Self-Determiniation (choosing/points) at each step, not locked into one or the other through all the steps, it is whatever the player/GM most comfortable with.

Many other changes and updates.

Scheduling next game testing session shortly.

Appreciate any feedback from anyone downloading and trying this out on your own, all feedback is appreciated.